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  1. git subludome update –init error: pathspec ‘–init’ did not match any file(s) known to git. Did you forget to ‘git add’?Que hago ahi?

  2. भावो और अक्षर के मेल से कविता का जन्म होता हैं ….और आपकी कविता में ये सब पढ़ने को मिला …बहुत खूब

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  4. Jad Nehmeh, 12/09/2012 at 12:45 PM For the cost conscious, I would advise that the cost of the Daily Cakes (14,000 LBP) be included in the menu; and not as listed currently with the cupcakes (4,500 LBP). I am a fan of surprises; but not the ones of that kind!!!!

  5. Pois é Ferrockxia, por isso, como viu lá no blog sou contra o cigarro!!! Não contra quem fuma entende… respeito… mas não concordo! Ai ai !!!!Acredito que o cigarra não faça mais tanto sucesso devido o ser humano ter tornado-se mais inteligentes. E a Lei está se fazendo valer!!!! Uma coisa influencia a outra e a outra influencia a uma …rsrsrs…..Abaixo o Cigarrooooooo!!!Minina! Boa noite!!!!!Bjos grande proce!!!! Até mais !!!!!!

  6. I like the second one best, is it your first tattoo? And that spot that its on wouldnt hurt much, if at all. And i think the third too, a way to make it … i dont want to say better or less simple, but colors would make it look good. And the first just isnt my style but its nice.

  7. He decidido asesinar al Joven Amaril para que cual Ave Fenix renazca de sus cenizas. Como a Orfeo le he cortado la cabeza y la he arrojado al río Hebro, que será transportada, junto a su lira, hasta Lesbos. Su lira pasará al cielo convirtiéndose en constelación.

  8. Kære Wenche. Jeg kan heller ikke logge ind på bloggen som normalt. At slette cookies har ikke hjulpet. Normalt kører jeg med google chrome, så prøvede lige i internet explorer og der virker alt normalt. Ved jo ikke om du kører med chrome, firefox e.l., men det er et forsøg værd at skifte browser..KH

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  10. on Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!

  11. Law enforcement in American has gone nuts. They arrest children for lemonade stands and women for vegetable gardens in their front yards while real criminals are supported and winked at.They enforce the strictest letter of the law while trampling on its heart and soul.Thngs are ugly today on so many fronts.

  12. Hallo Herr Schulze,Ihr Fall ist schwierig. Ich weiss nicht, ob die fremd vermieteten Gärten sich an den Kosten beteiligen müssten oder ob gar der Vermieter die Kosten tragen müsste. Wenn Sie hier ernsthaft eine Lösung suchen, würde ich mich an einen Fachanwalt für das Mietrecht wenden. Ich vermute jedoch, dass sich durch die mögliche Umverteilung nur wenige Euro im Jahr sparen lassen würden.Viele GrüßeDennis Hundt

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  14. Yeah, except for the parts about free-will, and infallibility, and intimidation, and stupidity, and denigration. You know, those throw-Lieberman-under-the-bus momentsExcept for those minor details plugging in “right” makes perfect sense (from my extreme POV).

  15. “இந்த மும்மூர்த்திகள் தமிழகத்திலும் இருக்கிறார்கள். தொட்டெதுக்கெல்லாம் இந்திய ஒற்றுமை, தேசப்பற்று, பாரதப் பண்பாடு, பயங்கரவாதம், என்று இவர்கள்தான் கூப்பாடு போடுவார்கள். தமிழக இளைஞர் காங்கிரசு தலைவர் யுவராஜும், பா.ஜ.க தலைவர் பொன் இராதாகிருஷ்ணனும் முல்லைப் பெரியாறு விவகாரத்தில் தமிழகத்தின் உரிமையை விட்டுக் கொடுக்க முடியாது என்று அறிக்கை விட்டிருக்கிறார்கள். தற்போது இந்த உரிமையை தட்டிப்பறித்தது யார்? பாக்கிஸ்தானா, இல்லை ஐ.எஸ்.ஐயா, இல்லை வங்கதேச அகதிகளா அல்லது சீனத்து சதியா?”கண்களை மூடி, காதுகளை அடைத்து,வாயைப் பொத்திக்கொண்டவர்களுக்கு எதுவும் தெரியாது,கேட்காது. பிறகெப்படி பேசுவார்கள்?

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  18. Ja tak. Jeg vil ogsÃ¥ gerne se flere billeder. Jeg blev inspireret til at komme i gang med et gammelt dukkehus jeg har haft stÃ¥ende i flere Ã¥r. Ældgammelt er det. Nu stÃ¥r det i kælderen og er blevet grundmalet, og bÃ¥de unger og jeg glæder os til at gÃ¥ i gang med detaljer 😀 Ha en trevlig dag

  19. Thank God for the private sector creating outsourced and temp positions. But lets not forget there’s approximately 50 good size malls throughout the state so divide that into 10,000 and you have 200 Christmas positions per mall, sounds about right.

  20. ¿En serio eres de Santiago? ¡Qué guay! Yo últimamente también estoy conociendo a un montón de gente que es de aquí y me sorprende muchísimo, no sé porqué. Decir que tu camiseta es flipante y también que es un pecado que no me haya dejado caer por Primark desde hace por lo menos 4 meses. ¡Con la de cosas guays que debe haber por ahí! Pero claro, es que me da una pereza ir hasta Coruña… En fin, soy un caso.

  21. In realtà la cosa delle urì deve impressionare più di qua che di là, se già flaubert nel suo “dizionario dei luoghi comuni” dava questa sintetica definizione del libro sacro dei musulmani: “CORANO. Libro di Maometto che parla solo di donne”. Definizione che è oggi più attuale che mai.p

  22. bonjour,tout d'abord merci pour le jeu , j'espère gagner le lot ca me met déjà l'eau à la bouche, j'adore aussi les produits milka . alors pour moi ma pause tendresse , c'est quand il commence à faire froid, aprés une petite ballade avec le chien , rentrer , se préparer un bon chocolat chaud et se mettre les doigts de pied en éventail devant un bon feu de cheminée. ahhhhhhhhhhh le top du top il faut l'essayer

  23. Re. H and F1, there's a mention in Karafet about the mutation M69:"The Apt polymorphism has the derived state at M69 and defines the H-Apt (H2) branch, not the F1 branch as previously reported (Jobling and Tyler-Smith 2003)".But this is distinct from the Haplogroup F1 as defined in either ISOGG or Karafet 2008, which is defined by mutations P91 and P104. No changes between then and today (or even before, as I checked the ISOGG builds up to 2006). I think it's convenient to clarify this even if it's just one of many clades relevant.

  24. Tu as bien raison Sylvie. Roland Garros sans Fed, alors qu’il avait fait les 4 dernières finales, même s’il ne pouvait pas éternellement gagner, ça perd de sa saveur. Snif ! Vivement le gazon.Vu que Halle et le Queen’s ont lieu la semaine prochaine, je ne sais pas si un Soderling, dans l’hypothèse d’une victoire en finale dimanche, aurait envie de s’y rendre.Bon, je regarderai quand même le choc Soderling-Berdych. L’autre demi ? Juste un demi-set pour confirmer notre certitude.

  25. Mats disse:Realmente, a maior vantagem do programa é sua simplicidade, pois isso torna fácil o aprendizado do programa. Basta ter um conhecimento básico de ritmo e batida e de formação de acordes. Será que terei mais precisão na extensão das notas se eu registrar o dobro da batida que pretendo realmente usar só para obter escalas com metade do tempo que eu obteria colocando o tempo original?

  26. blowkiss Congrats to all those lucky winners…I am happy because one of my nieces is coming to have dinner for with me.. We will watch the football games and have a great time… The best times in my life are spending time with those I love… :jumping :kitty

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  32. on your Channel. I have counted 10 more than it says on mine. I deleted a few dead accounts a few days ago and the amount went down by the amount I deleted so I don't think it has anything to do with the dead accounts! I could be wrong, but it certainly doesn't seem to have been fixed for me yet I went down 30 originally).

  33. Yo creo que Espe comparte la opinión de la gran masa social: hay que devolver algunas competencias al Gobierno central, o cuanto menos, crear mecanismos jurídicos para coordinar los gastos y no despilfarrar, y evitar en educación que los dictadorzuelos autonómicos sigan sembrando el odio en el alma de nuestros hijos.Salud.

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  35. moi je préfère les plus jeunes. Si t’es encore à aller veiller au bar pour des one night en haut de 30 ans (ma limite personnelle), t’es en retard là. À pas vouloir t’engager, avoir une horaire tout croche avec aucune constanceJe ne vis plus chez mes parents depuis mes 17 ans, ça veut pas dire que je suis casée dans mon loyer

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  43. love it when you do a tip post. i learn something every time! i have been using the same few designs for my cards for a little while and i alway look back and see if card making police are behind me. =) thanks so much for the tips, Yvonne! you are amazing!

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  48. I’m afraid I didn;t enjoy this one today, I thought the majority of the clues were way too easy and one or two (i.e. anagrams like 21a ) have no place in a supposedly quality crossword. I apologise to the setter and to anyone else who may be offended by these remarks but you can’t please all of the peope all of the time. My thanks to Falcon for a very enjoyable review.

  49. Great… I spilled soda on my keyboard. I youtubed how to REMOVE the hinges and shit so i can clean the bottum part. Just saying; putting the keys on is very easy.. just press and click and remmember to put the wire in, i did it right on the first time. before even knowing what to do. now tell me how to take the hinges out. And please not another video with a kinife on each side of the key pushing upwrds which releases the ‘key’ because thats obvious..

  50. I stopped reading at the point at which you claimed that the problem with democracy is that factions contest for resources. Hello? That’s the problem with people, and as with most libertarians, your problem is that you just fucking hate the rest of us.So how are you different from the “democrats” who wish to mould their people? The only difference I can see is that they want to make us loveable, while you’re content to feel superior to us.

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  59. That’s so funny! We always have siracha sauce and that garlic chili sauce in our fridge as well. My parents put it on everything. A spoonful!? Wow! You eat really spicy! It’s really good with peanut sauce for spring rolls. We’ve been on a spring roll kick the past few weekends. Livi looks so adorable!

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