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  1. last week, an old lady from Louisiana once told me: "Find a sucka, bump they head". Can't blame the right reverend bishop – take their money. It truly is disheartening to see that so many of our people have barely progressed; how we embrace the charlatans piecmpreaph-rs who masquerade and grouse through our physical and spiritual communities. I used to believe and trust, naively perhaps, that we as a people were better than that. We are not too different from our redneck crispy conservative constipated crackers.

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  3. >Both Elliot and I remember bickering a lot with our younger brothers…except when we were on family vacations, when we both remember getting along with those same brothers. Something about being away from home and there being no one else to play with….

  4. J’aimerais être tenue au courant de vos activités pour les enfants.je suis un peu étonnée de ne tomber sur aucune infos sur le site, car j’ai vu une affiche qui annonçait un stage !Merci de me tenir au courant de vos activités !à bientôt.Madame Lommel

  5. I’m not sure the law ever gives permission for anyone to put to death someone who was an unintentional killer.Numbers 35:27 indicates that even after he has been found not-guilty of intentional murder, and therefore eligible to remain in the city of refuge, should he leave that refuge, the avenger can kill him and not be guilty of murder. That appears to be an allowance in the law for the custom of vengeance.The cities of refuge point in the direction of eliminating individual vengeance, but they don’t actually eliminate it. That’s the trajectory I see here.

  6. So often, Angie, I feel you are reading my mind. I just told my girlfriend I would bring a grapefruit and arugula salad to her dinner next week – and then like magic, here is a recipe from you!I wouldn't have thought olives – and love the idea.:)Valerie

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  11. This makes me wonder if there’s a more positive way to enforce modes of behavior. It seems incredibly negative to simply restrict language rather than reward positive behavior (then we get the teachers pet / class clown syndrome, however).I think it stems from the fact that gamer communities pride themselves on being politically incorrect. Fostering communities where people don’t feel this need may be a way to go.

  12. Eso de la margarita yo tampoco se lo que significa, pero me gusta =). De todas maneras ninguno de los dos logos es definitivo. Apruebo eso de proponer algo. Quizás con un par de ideas más específicas se pueda ir creando algo. Habría que pensar en algo que igual se vea con dos letras como BS, pero eso no se entiende. No se. El problema de los sociólogos es que no somos muy buenos diseñadores, pero somo unos críticos fulminantes (incluyéndome). Esoy de acurdo con lo del colorido y lo de que algo más serio vendría bien.

  13. Amen! I love this post because you nailed in on the head. When I work with my clients their limited perception of their impact and the continuous need to look outside themselves for their sense of worth are the core issues limiting their leadership. Thanks for surfacing this topic in a fun, succinct way.

  14. I am new to live streaming and I’m researching on how our church can live stream our services. I have a question, even if we set up through a streaming server, are we still capped by our internet service provider’s upload speed?

  15. Author Hallo Martine!Det er utrolig fascinerende Ã¥ se akkurat hvilke produkter man kan fÃ¥ kvinner til Ã¥ mÃ¥tte ønske seg for Ã¥ bli mer kvinnelige. “En er ikke født kvinne, en blir det” (..nÃ¥r du kjøper rosa laptop med blomster pÃ¥ og helst mÃ¥ øreproppene dine ha diamanter, og om du skal ha en smarttelefon mÃ¥ den for all del ikke være svart og klumpete).

  16. is acting like an anchor on the sp.Still the idiots and double blag subscribers on the chat sites will be doing cart wheels trying to undermine a factually accurate article supported by more links than a chain.It seems some posters sat in their crackers in their bedrooms think they know more than Reuters,Cnn,Newswire,Bbc and even the CIA. Deluded posters like Ginty, mikeyadmin, heartsofatlantis,miopus. giveus all a bad name.Keep up the good work Dan ripping these idiots to pieces.

  17. boleh bertanya? klo perempuan batak menikah dengan lelaki non batak dan tidak diberi marga, apa konsekuensi ke depan nya, scara adat batak? Satu lagi, saya baru tahu bisa tetap memakai adat batak untuk pernikahan tanpa memberi marga pada si lelakinya. Bole dijelasin ndak secara garis besar, klo bersedia saja. Terima kasih.

  18. IS: Mi se Križanův komentář líbí a dlouhý mi nepÅ™ijde. Sám mám rád stručnost, ale obsahuje dost informací, aby se mi nezdál rozvleklý. Takže je to vÄ›c názoru a za to byste ho snad ani veÅ™ejnÄ› peskovat nemusel. (I když i to je vÄ›c názoru.)PS: pro "své" pÅ™edky, ne "vaÅ¡e" pÅ™edky 🙂

  19. Dear Prashanth,CSIR was not wrong in its response. Remember long back Indian Patent Office was designated as International Search Authority (ISA) under PCT. Therefore you should have checked specifically with another RTI either at CSIR or at Patent Office now the entire story of yours look to be a piece of fiction. I am sure you never wanted that in the first place. Good luck next time

  20. Another important step is to make sure that your kids hear the news when said musicians die of overdoses, or ruin their lives and end up in court or jail. Heck, just let them watch a few reruns of the “Surreal Life” featuring Flava Flav, and that ought to leave enough of an impression of the effects of longterm rap-star drug abuse to keep them straight and clean.

  21. Bonjour,Petite parenthèse anecdotique.J’écoute ce matin (dimanche 15/11/09-10 h) l’émission sur Europe 1 où Cécile Duflot, du parti écologiste, face à des journalistes, accuse certains scientifiques « négationnistes du climat » de ne pas suivre la théorie communément admise que la terre se réchauffe et que nous allons vers une hausse des températures.Jean-Pierre Elkabbach la reprend aussitôt en lui demandant de ne pas utiliser ce terme lourd de sens et employé mal-t-à-propos.On n’a pas entendu ça récemment ?

  22. that is problematic because Mers may have had no standing to claim an interest in the first place….so assignments out of Mers may be worthless or questionable. It looks like Mers having been on title is a huge problem with no quick, clean and easy fix. – Rate this comment: 2  0

  23. Thanks for your blog. Always very helpful.I have a question about blastocysts – how often are they expanded on day 5? I get blastocysts on day 5 but they are never expanded. (I have one daughter from my first cycle of IVF and have just miscarried at nine weeks with my sixth IVF cycle – all fresh cycles). I do have two blasts that were frozen on day 6 that are expanded.I suspect that it will be in your next post anyway, but it would be great to know a little bit more about the different blastocyst stages.

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  26. Ååååååå for en skjønn lampe! Ante ikke at jeg ønsket meg en sÃ¥nn før akkurat nÃ¥…. hvor fÃ¥r man kjøpt slike da? ForstÃ¥r godt at du smiler nÃ¥r nissen har vært sÃ¥ snill med deg, hi.hiOg damen er godt skodd ser jeg, bra er det i dette været! Tøffe sko og knallsøte strømper. RÃ¥tt og romantisk dette…som Moa:))Hilsen en litt misunnelig Josefine

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  29. Er bleibt langweilig, weil er nicht wie üblich aufgebaut ist. Ich würde das mit absurden Theater vergleichen: Bedeutet sehr viel und ist unheimlich doof anzusehen. Darüber zu reden und einige Stellen hervorzuheben ist viel interessanter, als den ganzen Film zu “genießen”.VA:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

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  31. Comment te dire ça !Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bordel de merde comme elles sont trop chouette, tu vas me faire griller la carte bleue là, j’en aime 4 paires dans ta sélection et le pire c’est que je les veux vraiment !!!!!Oh je t’adore toi ! MouaaBises (très sincère ! hein !)Virgo

  32. Non Dexter, je n’ai pas vu ce film ( « la question humaine  » ? merci google) et ma dernière apparition au Zénith remonte à des années et ne fréquente pas le théatre de Dieudonné. Badiou, j’ai déjà donné.De plus Platon et moi sommes en froid.Je suis aussi contre les amalgames, un truc à vous faire mal aux dents.

  33. Bia Granja e Graça Taguti. A primeira questiona o grande diilema humano: ter ou ser? – eis a questão. . A segunda, quase neurocientista pela UFRJ, aprofunda esssa e muitas outras questões relevantes do nosso mundinho pós Freudiano.Será que Freud ainda explica tudo ? No meio tem ainda Pedro Camargo com outras esquisitices do homem (ou seria da mulher?). Siga o endereço abaixo. Vale a pena conferir o trabalho destes autores. Ele é dez.

  34. Was looking for information about this location, as my immigrant grandfather worked as a houseman at the “Sevel” [sic] hotel at 29th and Madison, ca. 1917 at least (per his WWI registration). This one seems to fit the bill. I imagine it was still in its original nice state back 95 years ago, and had not yet started the decline that preceded this renovation.I also read elsewhere that Groucho Marx once worked here as a bellhop!

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  40. Que dire du « premier dame » dont se gargarisent certains journalistes à propos de Carla Bruni ? Ce terme s’explique aux États-Unis où la femme du président a fait campagne avec lui et a été élue avec lui. Si cela se justifiait en France, ce serait Cécilia qui serait alors la « première dame » (puisque mariée au président au moment de l’élection) et non Carla (arrivée après la bataille).

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  43. I seem to recall other "leaders" who were all things to all people: Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao — all things to all people, except to their victims: the rich, the educated, the non-conformists, the middle class….Obama seems determined to put himself in the class of the tyrannical Everyman. But, if truth be told, such men were actual zeroes. The appellation of "OZero" is richly deserved.

  44. Jeroen, je schrijft het zelf al: mijn connecties op LinkedIn en mijn database zijn 2 verschillende zaken. Als je je connecties op LinkedIn afschermt, zie je alleen elkaars shared connecties, daar hoef je elkaar niet mee te helpen. Wel met 2e of 3e lijns. Natuurlijk wel eerst even vragen om een introductie want ook dat hoort bij sociaal zijn.Nog iets wat ik persoonlijk minder sociaal vind – maar die discussie hebben we volgens mij al eens bij een ander onderwerp gehad -, quasi anoniem meedoen aan een discussie.

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  46. Well, I see all the comments so far have been supportive–and I think that’s Great! Let me add my support for this post. I’m appalled by SGK’s move to defund Planned Parenthood! The grant was for BREAST EXAMS, for pete’s sake!! Uck! The demonizarion of Planned Parenthood has gfot to stop. Good for you for spelling out all the other things they do. I don’t havbe much money to spare beyond monthy bills, but I will put this on the to do list this year. Thanks for alerting us.

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  49. veto, I don’t believe GM issued new stock yet. What’s funny is, since it went into bankruptcy, the stock is essentially worthless, by law. That didn’t stop people from trading it left and right these past few months.

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  51. Bravo! I just have one question. When you say: “The sense of the obligations of the individual, and the value of the individual, is something that is in danger of disappearing in American society. The independent, free and responsible citizen is disappearing”; What do you mean by “the obligations of the individual”? To himself?

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  54. Can’t stand the truth after all, can you? Figures. OK, when your son is homeless, and when your wives are dying of cancer in pain because you forgot to make the payment to a privatized Medicare, when the Bubbas have bought your statehouse, don’t come crying to me. You’re lying about Lincoln and you’re lying to yourself. With hearts grown brutal you have fed yourselves on fantasies.


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  57. beautiful post. I really love that second movie about.I have so many beautiful (and sad) memories from those days in Poland. I wish I could be in Poland on that day with my husband and kids, and show them in what culture I grew up and why I do not like Halloween.

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  67. Hi, Kabayan!!Beautiful post, as always! I feel what you are saying, working from outside the country as I am now.I think I saw a comment from you on my dashboard, but I was on mobile and I must have messed up– cant find it anymore!I hope you and your family are well. Take care!

  68. well but that child is seriously neglected… “i am only child, i can’t do it all alone, if i had just one person to love, two soft arms to give me a hug and protect me… I feel so damn alone” I mean i get his point, he is like 9 years old or something!

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  70. This could be fun…or terrifying! Wonder if I’ll have time to do it this week! I’ve had a lot of kids sick lately & haven’t been able to participate much. Had a story in my head for last week and ended up in the hospital overnight with the baby. Ah well. Life. Whaddya do? Off to the doctor’s office to brainstorm.

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  144. I beg to differ. "Israel’s right to exist is no greater or lesser than that of any other nation." Well in the grand scheme of things perhaps – except – and this may not mesh with Zionism – I will suggest the State of Israel would not have happened were it not for the collective will of the Allies under the UN. So, like so many of the inversions of morality, justice and fiscal responsibility we have witnessed in the last 50 years is it un-surprising that the UN is considering the inversion of this action by approving the founding of a state that completely negates Israel? It is like placing anti-matter besides matter and not expecting fusion.

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  147. ripping ideas from young directors reels, writing a script based entirely on it and then giving it to an established director is probably more contentious than ripping from youtube. and i can name two ads from two of the most successful agencies and given to two of the most successful directors where this has happened. (and if i’m allowed, scamp, i’ll happily name them?) THAT is fucking lame, because they were never put up for public viewing/sharing on youtube.

  148. I’ve been following your channel for some time now, and I love it! But for some reason I don’t follow this blog… I just check in from time to time and I’m glad I did today and found this post. It is encouraging to read about how you follow your heart. And since you’re kinda doing it for me, us -your youtube followers- I wanted to say thank you. For being there, for being you, for being an inspiration. Thank you Cora.

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  152. I support the proposed initiative. Barnabas Fund in Australia is committed to support for the persecuted. Religious freedom in Austrslia is exploited rather than reciprocated by some religions. so lobbying and shame djould be convey to their public representative organisations as well.What about the “Halal” issue in Australia? Why am I buying meat slaughtered to “Allah” without knowledge and additional processing costs to appease a minority? Is this not an extension of the Dhimi principle to the Australian community?

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  159. I too have struggled all day with grief, anger, discouragement. How ourcountry can let this administration get away with so much- Benghazi, Fast and Furious, government take over of industries, etc. It is disheartening. My prayers went unanswered and my faith was shaken a bit….until reading your blog Steve. After being down all day, I feel I can pick myself up and carry on knowing that I must build, plant and above all, keep praying. THANK YOU STEVE.

  160. Even the family of Jesus was divided. They thought him sick or stupid. Then later His brother James became the bishop of Jerusalem. If our families hold us back from accepting the grace of God, of course we have to leave.Just as politics divides family, so did the gospel of repentance. He also tells use if we are going to temple but have a grievance against our brother, to stop, seek forgiveness because to hate him is the same as killing him.

  161. I guess Advocate Jeremy Gauntlett, just like dumb whites like me, don’t get postmodernism cause he is still “stubbornly wedded to the fiction of legal clarity and certainty”. He should be making shit up as he rolls improving on the laws depending on how poor, marginalised or gay a specific accused may be.

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  168. I came in with no expectations….and took back a lot of things with me…..it was an enriching experience……Pawan with his genius skills showed some of his best and worst short movies hes directed …..the best part was why he would call them his worst movies and what should not be done to repeat them….All in all a great weekend spent and looking forward put this into some good work !!Thanks Pawan…

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  172. love this blog and the ‘circle-jerk’ network. i am from australia and dont get access to as much hoops analysis as id like, but this will now be a regular feature for me.Keep up the good work all (including all commenters)

  173. Another awesome best and worst. And Nash showing up is like when the Silver Surfer shows up on your planet. You know Galactus is coming to destroy your planet. I am pretty sure Raw is going to be terrible in ways I cant begin to imagine. But its okay. I am wrestling fan and I dont like anything.

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  185. And Abdullah Gul somewhat resembles George Clooney.O_O Not at all!Actually, that was not my own claim (unlike my Ataturk claim). It was a claim that circulated for a time (somewhat jokingly) in the Turkish popular media. I myself have always likened Gul to a rich Arab sheikh.

  186. "we want to ensure that everyone can make the most of what we are developing"You mean, you want to ensure that everyone complies with the limitations of what you're developing. I support this move, but please don't insult us by pretending that you're doing it for our benefit — you're doing it for your own convenience, and no other reason.

  187. Marjorie: Thanks for writing. If you would like to share any of your recipes with others through this site, please do so. It is an ongoing adventure pulling together some of the old traditions from people who share this background, and we welcome your input. By the way, we have the name Gutman in our background as well.

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