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  2. Fernando, gracias por tu comentario.Al encontrarme con Jorge en ocasión de participar en el Festival de Aves Toh 2011 (reseñado también en este blog) le hice la misma pregunta, a la cual me respondió aclarando que ese giro argumental del film es “ficción”, pues Natan no se ha marchado y sigue en contacto con su padre. Preguntas como esas en la mente de la audiencia, entre la cual me incluyo, dan fe de lo bien logrado que está el encuentro entre lo “documental” y la “ficción” en este film.Saludos cordiales,IGH

  3. Vocês estão a confundir Portugal e Brasil. Mas, irmão Mario, não há mais carta que a de princípios do século XIX: O titular é o GOL e o proprietário o GOdF. Não há mais documentos expedidos pelo GOdF, e muito menos no século presente. Ao menos nenhum o vimos, nem para os graus azuis nem para os ordens de sabedoria.

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  7. Phil Weiss wrote:“And these officers are also moderates, they are all pulling for the two state solution. When it fails, I have little doubt where that female officer will go….” Nor do I where both she and the two other officers will go additionally, and it won’t be towards sympathy towards jews unfortunately, including especially American jews. For the life of me I don’t understand why the American and European jewish communities at least doesn’t see this … and extrapolate. Power changes hands, and today’s elites and favorites are tomorrow’s villains.

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  11. First off that baby skunk was cute. I could not imagine having one as a pet though. Yes you have to have the scent removed or else you would be stinky as well. Haha. I have heard though of people doing this.

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  25. awww thank you for your sweet comment Tricia, you are too kind!I don't see anything wrong with the way you photographed the rainbows! They look beautiful to me! I LOVE all the old barns, they do something to my soul!Have a beautiful and wonderful week-end!

  26. I can summarize the article:"How to trick/deceive white people into voting for an incompetent black preacher"Add a little bit of racism, tar and feather the opponent, spend alot of money on ads, etc.This "brain trust" of so called experts, is vastly over rated. The election was a referendum on white america. Blacks, hispanics, asians, and race traiting whites hate white ameriace. Simple as that, the rest is just a posteriori academics justifying their jobs.

  27. स्मिताते रच्याक काय आहे माहिती आहे का?? बाय द वे.. चे शब्दशः मराठी भाषांतर.. हेरंबने केलेले रस्त्याच्या कडेने..शुभेछांसाठी आभार.

  28. Non so se ne abbiano il “Diritto” o meno, ma in una situazione del genere spero, per l’idea che ho io di cosa e’ giusto o sbagliato, che qualcuno faccia qualcosa per re-eliminarla. Anche se questo qualcuno dovessero essere un 5% di fini intellettuali. Magari non “Truccando le carte” ma istruendo e sensibilizzando.Nessuno puo’ dire che la democrazia sia il governo migliore a prescindere. Al momeno penso sia la migliore delle alternative, pero’ ricordati che a chiedere i leoni nell’arena insieme ai cristiani era, prima di tutto, il popolo.

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  40. It took months to set up the controlled demolition to free fall all three World Trade Center Buildings. Any aspiring politician who refuses to acknowledge 9/11 for the inside job both orchestrated and executed by the Bush/Cheney administration is either in on it or stupid. It makes no difference whether they are Republican, Democrat or Independent, when they persist to perpetuate this humongous lie regarding the greatest crime in the history of United States, they should be tried for treason.

  41. Do you find it hard? Meditating, that is. There are times when I find it so hard to slow down, like “I could be doing something more useful”. Or, sometimes, annoyingly, I feel like listening to music when meditating (which would be counter-productive).

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  47. I understand. Thanks for the information Henry. I am glad to hear that there are areas in the Philippines that are not so crowded. State run birth control clinics sprinkled around the islands would be a very nice addition to Philippine society i’m sure.

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  50. När jag undervisar (vuxna) brukar jag påpeka att köttkonsumtionen har ökat lavinartat och att man kan dra ner till 1990-talsnivå åtminstone. Bara det skulle ju halvera åtgången av kött. Inte minns jag att vi fick LITE kött när jag var barn?!

  51. Obama, cité par Corine : «  »Le problème n’est pas créé par ma décision de fermer Guantanamo. Le problème existe en premier lieu à cause de la décision d’ouvrir la prison. »”W. contournant le droit américain en ouvrant Guantanamo, la réponse à un geste anti-américain par un même.(Précédemment j’ai omis de demander pardon à HAL pour mon trop-plein de réalité d’hier soir : je m’exécute.)

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  53. 11:51, my take on the ads was the opposite of yours. I think this ad is saying that the nuns would be so fixated on Jesus that they wouldn’t blink. Their eyes are locked open in a shocked gaze. The same goes for the students and the sexy teacher. The people in the photos are so focussed that they don’t blink.

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  56. Clarke is not really one of my favorite 40′s/50′s authors, but he sure had a keen instinct for the sense of wonder. I’m planning on tackling Rama next, in hopes that his later writing style will make good on the promise of his earlier stuff.

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  62. the cells are not human, then what are they? They’re not going to turn into a dog or cat, they’re human! Second, how can you say you support the late abortions of babies who have diseases? Are they any less human than you or I? No! So then why can they deserve to be killed while “normal” babies can’t?

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  73. >I still remember the days when eating out meant figuring out who had the best toy, McDonalds or Burger King. My two are both in college now and the list of nevers just goes on and on. Now I will count it all a success as long as I don't end up on the Jerry Springer show or something like it…

  74. Thanks for the comment, Drea. You are absolutely right. And of course the true extent of the tragedy is so hard to fathom for those of us so far away. We can only keep up the momentum, and hope that these citizen efforts somehow will make a difference…Thanks again, Kim at TTT

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  77. É também claro que os vampiros querem sugar mais e mais sangue a Portugal, e que quanto mais o nosso governo puser o pescoço a jeito, eles nos vão sugar. Se nada fizermos eles não vão parar, vão-nos sugar até à morte. Quanto mais medidas de austeridade o governo aprovar, mais se afundará a nossa economia. O povo tem que se convencer. É preciso correr com eles à vassourada.

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  79. "He is there to project incompetence in order to make Obama look better. He is there to make the idea of white male leadership look like a joke."Basically it's not impossible and I like it. But to believe it one has to allow that 0bama and his gang actually had that much foresight. Maybe though.

  80. …market pricing of risk? That's all this is. Come on. If you think that there's anything noble or virtuous or productive or constructive or even useful about people with IQs of 120+ becoming filthy rich by exploiting the stupidity of people with IQs of 90-, then you need to…Ah, who am I kidding? Komment Kontrol will never allow me finish that sentence.

  81. Hehehe. Only the three most popular couples have it! They won’t release some of the other couples videos despite them being wildly popular (khuntoria, dimple) cuz they are mostly popular because their respective idol groups have large fan bases. But the fact that WGM chose to release Woojung goes to show how our couple produce quality videos and are popular because of their chemistry and friendship and that makes them so distinct and different from other couples. D

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