Hoy en día se puede acceder a una educación de mucha calidad a través de cursos en Internet.

Aquí os dejo la definición de la Wikipedia

Los MOOC (acrónimo en inglés de Massive Open Online Course) o COMA  en español (Curso Online Masivo Abierto), son cursos en línea dirigidos a un amplio número de participantes a través de Internet según el principio de educación abierta y masiva.

Algunas plataformas són:

que ofrecen cursos de las más reputadas universidades de los Estados Unidos como MIT, Harvard o Stanford. Muchos de los cursos son gratuitos y de gran calidad. Os animo a probarlos.

Para los amantes de la Informática y Linux el 21 de diciembre empieza uno:


Plataformas en castellano:

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  14. Karen, thanks for this and all of your other helpful posts. I’m a sociology phd student at a top department, and served on the hiring committee last year. Not a single applicant made it onto our short list (or even the “semifinalist” list of 30 candidates) with less than a 2 page research statement (and most were 2.5-3 pages). Maybe my institution is unique, or maybe they were poorly written and not as detailed as they could have been in one page. But I just wanted to share my experience for any sociologists reading this blog.

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  18. I was sorry that I missed a medal, but my wife was fine with it– one less in our house works for her. This was a well run event, particularly in view of the fact that there appeared to be a pretty sizable walk-up crowd. My daughter and I have been running it for a few years, and it keeps getting better. Nice work.

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  156. Music truly has a healing and comforting power, Kara. I didn’t know that you’d lost a child. I can’t even imagine going through that kind of pain. But I’m so glad you are finding comfort in God and in your music. Thanks so much for sharing your story and “your Selah songs.” Such a sweet, precious gift you’ve given to all of us.

  157. Not unconstitional, and valid to have on the ballot for the people to decide. I support Amendment 8. The state funds many charatible organizations, and ones who help feed the poor, clothe the needy, and educate the marginalized should not be discriminated against because they are also religious.

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  171. Ioshkafutz,And I would love to join you at your sad little cafe one day, if for nothing else than to laugh at each other for our silly, provincial differences. In that, I’m sure, we would have much in common. Beautifully put.

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  176. As for keeping it free, it’d be nice, but equally, I’d like to see a nominal fee introduced, like a pound for the weekend – which could be shown at the venues, or scanned at retailers to get a discount on goods and services. I can’t see anyone who enjoyed it not paying £1, especially if they got more than a pounds worth of savings from retailer offers, so if we really did get 150-175k people coming as estimated, then they’d have £175,000 of money to pay for small sets by medium sized artists.

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